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Benefits for LWD-Customers

  • Stable and sustainable energy supply
  • 12 month price security
  • Eco electricity
  • Individual customer care

Reasons to change to LWD

  • You want to save your Money but your electricity provider just elevated the budged price
  • You only recieve the Basic care
  • Your actual electricity provider is gone insolvent
  • You want to be taken care individually

Electricity and Gas made to measure

LWD-Lüchtwelle Deutschland GmbH

The energy provider from Hamburg, who takes care of the private customers and the customers insured by right individually

LWD reach the Market as a energy supply system with many of new Ideas.

We are here to simplify and increase your everyday life.

Our aim is to give you a long-term stability and  especially a individual support with flexible and convenient prices for electricity and natural-gas.

LWD is proved besides the traditionell german Service quality and the customerservice also innovatively, while we adjust our energy- and natural-gas to the demant of our customers.

Change to LWD

You are confident to our Offer and want now to switch to us? Then you have just to send us a copy of your annual account from last year and we do your Switch possible. In case you are indecesive, our tariff consultants from the service Team are avaiable for your requests. They will gladly support you by your descision.

Preliminary check: If you are searching for a better and less expensive energy- and Natural-gas Tarif, you are able to send us a copy of your annual account from last year and we check wich Tarif is the most attractiv to you and after that our support team will get in contact with you. If you are convinced with our offer, then we make shure to feed you into the registration process.