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Change to LWD

For Free! Seamlessly! It starting Now!

1.Step.  Just fill out the Order online or in paper form and send it bindingly to us. This are the necessary inforamations:  Your counter number, your counter type, yearly energy consumption, address, your bank details and the Name of your actual energy provider including your client number (you can find these on your last yearly annual account. With sending these informations to us, you are commission us to assume your switch proccess.

2.Step.  We make shure to assume all of your formalities for the switch proccess including the resignation* of your current energy provider as well as the communication with other switch associates.  *In case of upcoming relocation or price increase with your actual energy provider you have the right of special termination.

3. Step.  Customer-oriented. As soon as your local network operator as your actual energie suplier agreed to your switch, we make shure to contact you immediately written in form of confirmation of contract, about the start date.